Fat Mirror

Some how I feel fat, even if I weigh less than an under weight girl of my hight (and that like 10-20 pounds less than the under weight bracket of guys my height). Today I woke up around 12ish. I wasn’t hungry till around 3 or 4 yet I had not eaten for a good 15-16 and even if i was hungry, I was only a little hungry, so I ate 4-5 chicken wings or something and had a glass of orange juice, then I still didn’t eat for another few hours at like 7-8. I didn’t even notice time go by, but I felt hungry at 7ish, and I still would have not eaten unless I told myself to get off my ass and go find something. In the end I ate something (I don’t know the english name) very very small, and I had to decide if I even wanted to eat anything else. Everyone says I’m too skinny but I think there need to be a gap between my thighs when I sit down. I just don’t know, ok?