Spring Break

Didn’t post, took a break from tumblr for spring break. Ill do spring break in a bombshell tomorrow maybe. 

P.S. Gota stop hanging with the wrong friends.


Today there was a school sponsored confirmation, to confirm people at school who haven’t been confirmed yet, well, the ones that wanted to be confirmed anyhow. I went to watch with my fourth period class, not just because I told a really cute guy that I would be there to support him. Kinda. But on the way, I walked with someone I really like, hes been on my mind for a long time, for around a year, and I just cant get him out of my mind. I rather enjoyed walking and talking with him. Its rare for him to even say hi to me, at least not first but today, because we where walking together, it would be weird not to talk. We sat near each other too, one person in between us, but I was fine with it, I could look his way without him noticing because I wasn’t right beside him. Every time I looked i felt a depressing shudder in my right chest, but every time, my left side, felt nothing, it was so empty that I though of stabbing it to fill the void. I just don’t know whats gotten into me. I feel the need to lie down and never get up. Sloth, a sin, and my seemingly every greatening lust for, not sex, but love. My envy of the pretty girls and smarter people. Sin Sin Sin. The only thing I’ve confirmed today was that I”m going to live and die alone and then go to hell. I’m overreacting I know, but hey? Dose it matter?

Work Habits

Habits that make me not work. I did nothing today.


Don’t you just love it when someone you like starts the conversation? Talked to the for a while and had some fun arguing who’s whiter between me and my Asian friend.

Draw a blank

Pizza Monster

Had 4 slices of pizza in one sitting. I never though I could even finish three for the longest time. Didnt want to miss catching up on glee eps for a second so I bought three down and then I did pause for a second to grab another one. I also won five of five rounds in LOL today. FUCK YEA LIFE.

Count Your Blessings

13 or so of my last 20 posts have been about something sad, the other seven have a few good days or nothing apparent. I saw a tally of someones good to bad days so I deiced to check out mine. Today is yet another bad day. My school is falling through a hole and ill never get out. I forgot to bring money to help my friend buy a pair of shoes, he didn’t mind, but I felt really bad for forgetting. So me and my friend are on the topic of money and he starts to integrate my life and what I do with my money. I don’t get allowance, but I get money for food you see, and I eat a little less so I can actually spend money on things. Having said that, I’m only really spend money on repaying debts for things I’ve lost broken ect. He kept saying that my life was unfair and that I should get the money to do things and what not, and I kept saying that I get by. By the end I was on the verge of crying, I wasn’t counting my misfortunes, I was already sad enough, but my friend brought these misfortunes in front of my eyes and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m slowly realizing my life is a lot worse than I originally though it was. “Open your eyes and see all the good things in life!” they say. But so far it has come to my attention that when I open my eyes, I see my life as it is, and it is horrible.

Night to Remember

I’m going out for a while, maybe tonight will bring fourth magic? How hard is it to find the rabbit in the magicians hat? Give my your magic. Oh and, its day 69 ;)

Funny Faces

Thats is a pic of me trying to flirt with people.